Babies Named After Me In Africa! 


Mother of Cathryn Acio in Uganda Her mother

Apio Eunice and father Adai Moses below:



Cathy Louise Victor's mother in Malawi


Cathryn Godlisten Tarimo, from Tanzania,  with her parents Mr. Godlisten and Mrs Rhema  Tarimo and grandparents.

Here is Cathryn Godlisten Tarimo Today:

Thank you for visiting my site. I welcome you to see my precious families and parents of my babies in Africa, who are so special to me. I am honored to be a part of the Cathryn's and their families!


Babies Named After Cathryn:
1st Cathryn Gospel Okpara
from Nigeria - March 16th 2003
2nd Cathryn Favor Ifeoma Michael from Nigeria Sept. 19, 2003
3rd Cathryn Wafula Nanjala  from Kenya June 2, 2004
4th Cathy Louise Victor from Malawi. (my first and second name) July 5, 2006
5th Cathryn Mike Chikakuda from Malawi November 5, 2007
6th Cathryn Acio from Uganda September 3, 2008
7th Cathryn Godlisten Tarimo from Tanzania August 13, 2008
8th Cathryn Born in Kenya Feb 9th 2009 I need to get her information.
9th Nakato Namboze Cathryn Bitinga from Uganda Born September 28, 2009



My first-born: Cathryn Gospel Okpara with her parents Dr. Cyril and Mrs. Okpara from Nigeria.


Cathryn Mike Chikakuda's parents Mr Mike Chikakuda &  Bridgette Makawa, in Malawi.

Nakato Namboze Cathryn Bitinga's parents, Pastor Charles & Mrs. Harriet Bitinga from Uganda.


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