A Testimony of Missions in Ghana:

I was working for a medical health service company in 2001. God showed me in a dream, that I was going to go to Africa to minister to those who needed deliverance, and help people.  I worked and saved my money. 

January 2002, I will never forget flying 17 hours to get to Africa. My first stop was so exciting! We landed in Lagos, Nigeria.

Just to touch down on the motherland sent chills up my spine with excitement! I didn't get out of the plane... I looked out the plane window at everything I could to see, while waiting to take off--to my final destination--Ghana.

When I arrived in Ghana, I got off the plane and my mouth dropped open with amazement! How beautiful the African people were!! With big smiles, kindness, welcoming, and the beautiful colors, OH so wonderful! 

Africans are such hospitable people! Praise God. And boy they know how to pray! They have such faith in Ghana! They really serve Jesus Christ! They take authority over the devil!  HALLELUJAH!
In all my travels to many countries, I learned the valuable lesson of always making sure my friends pick me up at the airport. God always directs my paths and protects me! AMEN.

The family picked me up at Ghana Airport in January. I wanted to stay and live yet, that was not possible at this time. 

I noticed that the cost of living was very high for the people. I lived on $50 dollars a month.  I didn't mind. I adjusted very well.

I didn't go through culture shock like many people do, I felt right at home immediately when I got there. 

I lived in this type of place --in the Philippines.  The weather was so identical. So actually, it made me think of my home in the Philippines.

I was very impressed by the water system in Ghana. They have good methods of water purification. I know they could help many countries with this method too. They are a good example to Africa.

I called many volunteer places to see if they had any opened positions, and found one with an NGO that places volunteers into the schools in the Accra area.  They gave me a house to stay at with a family from the 'Ga'  tribe.  The family was very big and they gave me my own room.  It was very nice.  

Volunteering As a Medical Assistant:

Since I am a medical assistant graduate, not only did I help teach in schools, I was excited to be able to spend sometime in a hospital as a medical assistant volunteer.

I met a family in Haatso who were an Ewe family. I worked in the 'New Lagon Hospital'. A hospital specializes in women's medical care.   I worked as a medical assistant in various parts of the hospital, assisting nurses, patients, washing newborns, to working in the Laboratory doing phlebotomy (drawing blood from patients), and performing typhoid and malaria clinical testing.

I also worked in the administrative office. Was nice to experience every part of the hospital and see how they functioned.

Typhoid and Malaria are the biggest diseases that they had problems with, especially in the 'Medina' and 'Haatso' areas (rural areas).

The water is the best in Ghana, yet their pipes are old. And when the people drink from the old pipes they get typhoid. This is the reason they still should drink from bottled water.

I was going to talk on the radio about this for the people drank from the faucets all the time for they know how good the water is there.  I think they never thought that the pipes were the cause of the disease. I never got to share that with them.

In Haasto, where I was living, they didn't have a bathroom in their home, so I had to learn how to dig a hole early in the morning when it was still dark outside. 

I was always looking out for snakes and had my shovel ready to hit them on the head.:) Many get bit by snakes. 

I learned many things  in Ghana. I could go on and on, what I learned in just three months.

I loved every way that God lead me.  I got to share the love of God with many children and families.

Prayed for a mentally ill woman:

I remember one Pastor took me to his house to pray for healing for his wife (who had a mental problems). We prayed and God showed me why she was suffering. I can't begin to explain how God blessed. 


Volunteering as A Teacher in an Elementary School

I had  friends in Ghana, that helped me to connect me to NGOs to work with. I felt safe going there myself. I wanted to get a volunteer job to experience life, as Ghanians live.

I started teaching at the 'Mona Lisa Primary School' in New Achimota.  There were 175 students from grades kindergarten through grade 8.

I taught the kids in every class. I taught English such as: syllables, phonics, and reading. 

I also helped assist the teacher in the computer room. We taught the children Microsoft Word. The teacher and I would assist 8 children at a time on their computers.

They didn't have access to the Internet, so they learned computer skills off-line. 

As I pulled up to the school each morning, and got out of the taxi, the kids would all come running to meet me, all trying to be the first one to see who could carry my water bottle, purse and books for Auntie Cathryn :)

Such sweet children. Very obedient and respectful!  I was very impressed with the manners the children displayed. 

I also noticed that the children were very advanced in their education skills, in every area.  All the children knew how to read in kindergarten. More advanced than America children in reading. Most American children can't read in kindergarten... 

Luke 6:38 "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again."


I was Hosted on Peace FM RADIO in Accra

I was visiting different churches every Sunday, and some allowed me to minister. God spoke to me about many people who were getting healed and diseases they had.

And one girl who was delivered from many demons in one of the Churches I visited. I never planned on God using me, yet, he did that time. You can read about that in the my miracles link.

I remember  visiting the 'Church of Pentecost' in the area of Ghana called, 'KoKo Mele Mele'. We prayed for a woman who had a big cement building collapsed on her, she was in the hospital.  I gave the last of my money, all that I had to help her with her hospital bill.  It was at this Church, that I met 'Pastor Asante Edward Kissi'. He works 4 days a week hosting the most popular radio station in Ghana, 'Peace FM'.

The program ran at night and is called, 'PEACE LANE'. He asked me if I would come and share on the radio one evening. I was thrilled to :)

I went to the radio station at Peace FM, and will not forget that night. Peace Lane is aired from 12 midnight until 4am. I prayed for people who called in, for healing, and for many prayer needs. All of the lines were lit up for 4 hours.  I remember Pastor Kissi gave me a cell phone after the broadcast. There were still calls coming in up to a half hour later. People called in from every part of Ghana. PRAISE GOD!

I learned later, that many were healed and touched by God during that broadcast. Thank you Jesus! Nehemiah 1:11 "O Lord, I beseech thee, let now thine ear be attentive to the prayer of thy servant, and to the prayer of thy servants, who desire to fear thy name: and prosper, I pray thee, thy servant this day, and grant him mercy in the sight of this man. For I was the king's cupbearer."



I want to share a short letter Pastor Kissi wrote to me after I had someone call him and give him my email...

From: "Asante Edward Kissi"

Subject: peace lane
To: Cathryn Hughes
l received your email through an internet cafe operator thanks a lot. How is life in U.S.A? l hope everything is in the good hands of our only hope in life-Christ Jesus. l was wondering about your whereabouts, since our meeting at the fm station. Many people were calling to locate you, but l could not help. The radio ministry is saving a lot of souls. At the moment, you can be of an asset to this very important ministry. l have already informed you that about     500, 000 people spent sleepless night on this programme four times a week.in other to make sure our listeners are well equipped with the word of god...


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