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Demon Possessed 16 year old Delivered
and Saved In Ghana

By Apostle Cathryn Ndyabagye

I was hosted by a family in Ghana and became friends with
their maid.

One Sunday she invited me to her Church and I gladly attended the service with her.

The Church service was held outside in-between two buildings, and the move of God was so wonderful. I didn't miss the building at all. In fact, I found it better.

There were several hundred people in attendance. As we sat there listening to the pastor preaching, he was walking around with his microphone and came by us.

He looked a me, and stopped. He looked close into my face and asked me, "Who are you?" I said, "Rev. Cathryn Hughes" He told me to go and sit in his chair.  I went to sit in the pastor's chair. (I was not used to getting special attention like this.)

The Assistant pastor sat next to me, was interpreting the sermon for me in English, as the pastor was speaking GA, (one of Ghana's a tribal languages).

I was listening to the pastor preach, when I looked over to the left of him on the platform, and saw a young teen girl of around the age of 16--lying on the ground acting possessed by demons. As I watched her, I noticed the pastor approaching her. He tried and tried to pray over her and with no success to cast the demons out.

Then, God spoke to my heart and and told me to pray for the girl. I was concerned about interrupting the pastor's preaching. God kept speaking to my heart to go to pray for her.

I told the assistant pastor what God was speaking to me.. I am not used to interrupting a service. And surely I don't like to bring attention to myself. For I was only a visitor. Who am I to question God? When He puts this upon my heart to do something, you obey right?

The assistant pastor flagged the pastor over to him and told him what the Lord was speaking to me about. The Pastor invited me up to the platform and just gave me the mic.



I went over to the girl and as I got close to her I felt her torment and said to her, "You have been suffering from these demons a long time haven't you?"
She said, "Yes"
I told her, "I want you to say "Jesus Christ is Lord!"
She tried to say it but couldn't get it out. She tried and tried. I told her to just say it, and these demons will have to flee.

Never once did I shake or touch her. I just talked to her, like Jesus did.

She finally yelled it out, "JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!!!!!"
You could hear the demons coming out of her mouth with a
SWISHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sound. I never heard this before so it was just as much a shock to me as the other people around her. I was praising God!

I have cast demons out before in people. And know what it's like to take authority over them. And I don't do it like most preachers do. I just talk to them.

After she was delivered, she stood up and gave her testimony and invited Jesus into her heart.

Her mother was in the congregation and came forward crying, and told that she had put a JUJU curse on daughter when she was a child,,and never saw her talk normal until this night. She too, gave her life to Christ and vowed never to mess with JUJU again. Hallelujah! Two souls saved from JUJU in one night AMEN!

The place was exploding with joy and dancing! What a joyful service it was AMEN Giving all the praise and Glory to Jesus!

After that, I felt the Lord moved on me to say something to a couple in the crowd. I could not see them but God put it upon my heart that there was a lady there who was barren and not able to have a child. I knew they were present.

I said, "There is a lady here who has not been able to have a baby, and by next January you will have a child!"
All the people rejoiced and were jumping around. And we praised God!

I love it when God moves like this. I mean, I was only there
to visit and look what God did! It was not me, It was in the plan and authority of Jesus! AMEN Matthew 10:7-9 "And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give."



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