Keeping Your Partnership Together in the Love of the Lord

By Apostle Cathryn Ndyabagye

My husband is my witness that all my teachings on marriage are heartfelt and true. That these steps and ways in God really work. We are blessed and God has brought us through good and bad times. We are growing together stronger and God is so very good. He has never failed us. AMEN!

Let me share with you some ways you can keep your partner in Christ, your spouse and you together in the Love of the Lord. Be blessed as you read this lesson!

When two oxen are joined together they have to pull the load together. If one lets up, it makes it hard on the other oxen. It will become hard to do the job together or plow the fields, and if only one is pulling and the other is fighting, or trying to go a different direction.

If one of the oxen becomes stubborn, and refuses pull his load, he is not being fair--only being selfish. It's impossible to work together that way. So they both have to work together and both pull the same direction equally. That way they can harvest the fields together.

So it is in marriage.

When marriage union starts, the two become One in God. They equally and rightly share their marriage together. In order for the marriage to grow and stay strong, he couple has to stand and walk together.

If they pull the load together,  keep giving, keep caring, and don't give up, and don't get sidetracked,  look straight ahead and do not get their eyes off of their responsibility of their marriage. You will grow closer and the marriage won't be so hard. As you Pray always, keep trying--stay in the WORD, the marriage will be blessed and solid in God. He will help you ever step of the way! AMEN

If you lie to your spouse, cheat on your spouse, do anything bad to your spouse. Not only do tear that special bond God gave you apart, you tear your relationship with God up too. This causes your direction to sway, and go the wrong ways.

So think about those things hard before you even consider walking away, or going your own direction. For a person who fears God will follow God's ways. And that means to stand strong and firm in your love with your spouse. AMEN

You always want to look carefully to see if a person is of God and has the same spirit of Christ within them before you get married. 

Like the oxen, whom you hook up with, is who you have to stand with always.

You will stay in unison in your marriage when you work together in partnership, and keep your vows faithfully.

If you both love Christ, I mean really in Christ--to where you are not movable to run from your marriage
(when you come against testings and trials).
The load won't see so hard to bear and the trials will be something you both can stand together in with God's strength. To stay Christian and grow together in life, as happy Christians.

We all know the order in which God gave to us. God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Man and Wife. God set up this order in a wonderful positive way and not in any other form.

Humans make this into Dominance, control, dictatorship, and slavery, but this is not what God means in his word.

Christ's focus, is to become ONE with His bride and loves her (us) dearly. He also made us all ONENESS in other relationships too like the whole body of Christ,
and in Marriage. Though many times humans fall short in these relationships.


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I want to show you something in a different light as we face every day life.

I want to ask you something...How would we all feel if Jesus kicked us around, ordered us around, like he couldn't stand us?
How would we feel if he treated the bride like trash or like a second class citizen of heaven?

We wouldn't want him in our life if He did.

If he was unfaithful and never kept his promises we would be very disappointed in him.

Because he is faithful and always keeps his promises
we have hope and ONENESS In Him. And it's us who keeps messing up.

When we live right by God we are ONE in him. He did make provision for us and by his Blood, and we are covered and he knew we were not perfect. This is why he died for us and took our sins to the cross. So that we could confess our sins and repent so we can stay right in Him. AMEN

When humans do sinful things and treat others bad when they are supposed to be in Christ, it makes it hard for Jesus to be ONE with us.

The same in marriage. God wants us to be righteous and loving kind to all people, especially to your spouse.  Wouldn't it be much easier if couples had training before they got married so they would know exactly what to do when they did? I think so.

God wants us to treat each other with respect and if not, we sin. So men can't look at the wife as not as good at him anymore. There is no excuse for that. It's an ego lie men say to themselves to discredit and to put their wife's equality down from his. God loves you both the same! YOU ARE ONE!

Many times people go into marriage thinking they know a person, to find--they are not who they thought they were. This is because they didn't give themselves much time to learn each other well and pray about it. I think many changes can be made to help couples go into marriage with a different attitude. AMEN

If a couple can re-train themselves to get out of the 'power-play' way of thinking in marriage, and change their attitude to love, submitting one to another as the Bible teaches,  then the marriage would be more undivided, with more ONENESS in Christ.

Equally shared--equally cared! AMEN.

If men could relax more with their wife, women would be so at ease, and they could serve God together and work all things out, no matter what they would face. It's all about attitude and determination.

Praying always together when you each have needs. Showing that love and concern with compassion!

Being determined to be faithful and true, and to have a good attitude in all circumstances.

Of course, we do have bad days, and we have to allow each other a bad day sometimes, to respect them and give them the space or encouragement they need.
Then pick ourselves up again and go forward.

As long as we stay understanding, then we can deal with things the right way. AMEN And correcting your attitude, if you mess up with it too. :)

Never be afraid or too proud to say I am sorry. Better to keep the air cleared and your heart right!

Leaders don't have to demand service. All they have to do is love and lead righteous before God and their spouse!  Then, people will be loyal to them. AMEN

So it is with a husband and wife. If love is ruling the marriage, it will keep growing together the right way. Not thinking more highly of ourselves then we ought.

John 13:34
I give you a new commandment: that you should love one another. Just as I have loved you, so you too should love one another.

I love this scripture in the Amplified version:

Ephesians 5:33

However, let each man of you [without exception] love his wife as [being in a sense] his very own self; and let the wife see that she respects and reverences her husband [ that she notices him, regards him, honors him, prefers him, venerates, and esteems him; and that she defers to him, praises him, and loves and admires him exceedingly].
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