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Points To Ponder

by David Pait from
Walking With Jesus Ministries
New Zealand


*In marriage the two become one flesh, but still have two minds.

*A successful marriage is a process, not an event.

*While men philander, the family meanders.

*Women (men). Love to love them – would love to understand them!

*The ‘secret ingredient’ of a successful marriage is
‘mutual commitment’.

*True love equals commitment.

*God gave Eve to Adam as the perfect companion. The last thing they agreed upon was to eat the forbidden fruit. Nothing has changed.

*Adversity proves true love.

*Adversity makes or breaks marriages.

*Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but too long an absence leads the heart to wander.

*The most satisfying thing in parenthood is when children become friends.

*When the family founders, society sinks.

*A successful society is built upon the foundation of fully
functional families.

*Society is simply a gathering together of families. Therefore
it is simply impossible for society to be better than the family foundation it is built upon.




*A nation's true wealth is best measured by its families' health.

*It would be miserable being married to the perfect spouse. They would always show you up and you would have nothing to grizzle about - except their perfection! :)

*Listen to your spouse -- always.
*Value your spouse's thoughts and interests, even if you don't share them.
*Realize that your spouse is changing and growing as a person daily. Ask questions to keep up with the latest.
*Honor your spouse when alone, and especially when in front of others.
*Treat your spouse like an equal and worthy adult partner.
*Act on behalf of your spouse's needs and wishes.
*Use basic politeness and courtesy in your marriage.
*Let the natural differences between men and women lead you and your spouse into all sorts of intriguing discussions. Enjoy the differences when you can--accept them all the other times.
*Forgive your spouse.
*Say a heartfelt "I'm sorry" every time you need to.

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