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NIV Verses The King James Version!

By Apostle Cathryn Ndyabagye

Knowing about the NIV Bible and what they do:

Did you know that the NIV Bible takes out the blood, Deity of God, trinity and power of the Holy Spirit?

Fact: NIV removes 64,576 words in the Bible.

This includes 17 complete verses of scripture. That equates removing over 30 books, Instead of correct translation to English from Greek and Hebrew, the contents of many Holy Scriptures were changed. NIV altars the Word of God, denying Christ of his Deity, purpose and power.
The Alpha and Omega, the first part of the scripture is taken out of Rev. 1:11, And in the following scriptures words are taken out of the scriptures. God's Word stripped of it's essence!!

Don't believe me? Get a KJV Bible and an NIV Bible and compare the scriptures below.

 - 17 COMPLETE scriptures are missing
- More than 60.000 words.. GONE!

List of missing scriptures:

1.Matthew 17:21
- Jesus explains how to deliver demons
2.Matthew 18:11
- Jesus explains His mission on Earth
3.Matthew 23:14
- Jesus warns about pretentious long prayers
4.Mark 7:16
- What is Jesus pointing out here?
5.Mark 9:44
- What did Jesus warn of here?
6.Mark 9:46
- What did Jesus warn of here?
7.Mark 11:26
- What is Jesus saying about YHWH (God the Father) in relation to forgiveness here?
8.Mark 15:28
- What was fulfilled and who was numbered with the transgressors?
9.Luke 17:36
- What happens to the two men?
10.Luke 23:17
- What must Pilate do of necessity?
11.John 5:4 - What did the angel do?
12.Acts 8:37
- What is the condition of being baptized?
13.Acts 15:34
- What did Silas do?
14.Acts 24: 7 - What did the chief captain do?
15.Acts 28:29
- Who departed?
16.Romans 16:4 - What did these people do?
17.1 John 5:7 - What happens in Heaven?

The King James is the correct version and closest to the Greek and Hebrew translations. If you are to read an English Version, I suggest you use Amplified Version for it's actually correctly amplifying the King James Version better, and follows it closely. They made Amplified so you can understand the Bible and it does not change or corrupt the King James Version. It actually goes hand in hand.I teach from both King James Version and Amplified. :) Just for your information... In case you didn't know. :)
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