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God blessed my time in the Philippines. I lived in the Philippines from 1983-1985 in Angeles City.

I was in the military and stationed at Clark AIr Base near Angeles City, Philippines. I loved helping the village children and feeding them.
I took some colleges courses to be a Metro Reading Tutor.

When the classes were complete and I was ready to fulfill my duty I was able to do the following at Department of Defense Dependents Schools, Pacific Region, Wurtsmith Elementary School, Clark Air Base.

I volunteers my time to assist all students who were slow readers. I assisted them with the Metro Structured Tutorial Reading Program, which helped  the students  to improve in their reading skills. It also helped them achieve their own grade level in reading.

I taught phonics, and showed students how to sound out words, making their reading more enjoyable and positive. Some of these children were village children that lived close to the base.  

I fed many hungry children and families in villages and near my home. I used to make two turkeys during the holiday, so that I could take a turkey out to a village family to share. Meat was a special item to be able to have there.
A lady was going through my garbage one day and I noticed she was pregnant. I couldn't stand the thought of her having to go through my garbage to find something.
I went inside my house and got some empty milk bottles to give to her, so she could turn them in for money.  Proverbs 19:17 "He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again."


One day, as I was walking in a neighborhood where poor people lived. A group of children jumped on me grabbing my purse. I would not let go of it, and tried to move so they would let go. They ganged up on me--All the children tried to take my purse and God protected me.

I loved the people so much. I knew that many were hungry and desperate. I was unable to give them money. It was against the law to do so. So, I could only help them with food.

This is when I decided to put fresh food in the garbage, as I bundled it up neat and secure. So when the children came around to go through the garbage, they would find fresh food to eat :)

The Children work as young as 7, and they are the garbage collectors for all the neighborhood. They pushed around a big wooden container to pick up the local garbage for all and then went through the garbage given by each residence. This was a way the children could have a meal--on thrown out food.

I got a chance to go to a village near Mr. Ariat outside Angeles City and visited with all the people in the village. I met the Chief of the villages.

I got a chance to sleep over in a nipa hut, (made out of bamboo) and sit on a water buffalo. I love animals, as well as, people. So this was a wonderful experience.

In Angeles Ciy, and a city called Alongapo, there were many prostitutes on the streets. More than I even saw in my life. Some as young as 10. And some of these girls would marry old men from the USA just to leave their country.

I am glad I got the privilege to ministered in various places and in song.

I prayed for this country, and knew God was angry (because of the sin there). Lots of prostitution. More than I ever witnessed in my life!

I knew something was about to happen there-- to 'wake up the nation'. You can see my 'Miracles' section to read about how I lost my home from a volcano....
You can see a video on that volcano here This was at the same time that it happened in the Philippines.


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