Cathryn Shares From The Heart!


No matter what culture, color or land,
God's children are One in Him.
He don't care about outer appearance
He looks upon our hearts

God does not see, like people do
He looks deeper, and does not forsake you
Man may fail but God won't
His gentle spirit and compassion is there too.

God's love is eternal and everlasting
A connection from God's heart
Into our hearts.
To project from our heart to others

May we allow our light to so shine among men
To spread God's real love with compassion
May we be true and a loving example
So that we can reach those who are so special

We have lots of people out in the world
who are lost and do not know the answer
Let us reach them in God's true love
So they won't be left behind and will go to heaven above

Jesus is coming soon and we need to see this now
It's not about us and trying to meet our own needs here on earth
It's about Jesus and doing the mission he has assigned for us
To put Jesus first and win souls for God.

Let us all get back to the basics of the Bible
Following it closely and knowing it inside.
Let it shape and mold our lives as we live each day
So when Jesus comes back He will truly say...

Well done, thou good and faithful servant! (Matthew 25:21)





Standing true, standing firm
God sets a firm foundation in our life.
A firm backbone to handle life
and our feets planted in the word.

The promises of God are never void
They bring our lives alive!
They are living and transform us
and Keep us nine to five!

Gives us faith to move mountains
Authority in Christ
To trample the enemy and
to shine our light so bright

Our lives are never boring
with such an exciting God
He sends his angels to guide us
and pours out his sweet love.

With God we have endless benefits
with no co-pay at all
It's all free and paid in full
At calvary with his Blood

Eternal life he gave us
healing in our bodies and souls
The Spirit he sent us
to guide us from above.

How can we neglect so great
a salvation when God takes good care of us?
We are fortunate to have him
And thankful for his great love.

Oh God forgive us when we do not do right
Correct us in Your ways.
Help us hear from you God, each and every day
Then our lives will be blessed in your sight.

We want your will only Lord
As we walk this pilgrim way
and may we never waver
As we seek Your face.

Keep us on the path of the straight and narrow
To be with you in heaven as we
gather with you in the clouds
As you come for your bride

May our light so shine among men
so they can receive Your light
Within their hearts and
Join us all in that flight

Rejoicing and praising God should be upon
our lips
As we wait for our Savior
Oh comfort one and other with this

The dead in Christ shall rise
and we who are alive and remain
Shall be caught up in the clouds
and forever be with our Lord

God Bless,
Apostle Cathryn Ndyabagye 
Feb 19, 2012

Why should I worry, why should I fret?
My God has never failed me yet!
He keeps his word, it stands so true
Without Jesus, what would we do?

God is kind, loving and sweet
And he knows how to plant our feet.
He gives us a solid foundation
Sweet perfume, the spirit to guide us
Faith to grow in full bloom.
Be not weary in well doing
Trust and Give God your life
His yoke is easy and burden is light
Never give up on Jesus! You will win the fight!

The fight is not with flesh or blood
It's against principalities and powers of the evil one
We are more than conquerors in Jesus
Solders of the cross--Overcomers to win
Hold fast your faith and keep steady in Him

Jesus is coming soon
Maybe morning night or noon.
Let us be ready for that mighty day
So we will all be taken away
So remember to always watch and pray!

Love you all with all my heart
Agape love will never depart
God's special love he gives within our hearts
To edify and lift each other up
May we always have the compassion of Christ.

Be blessed,

Both Poems written by Cathryn Ndyabagye

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