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I AM your God, I hear your cries.
To the oppressed and poverty stricken of Africa, 

I give you a new hope.

I AM raising you into a new height you have never seen before.

Many miracles are going to flow through your lands.

Many will turn to me, and throw away their pagan practices.

Then I will restore them, change the lands. I raise my hand across Africa.

My Spirit will flow across your nations and I will touch this land like never before.

You are covered with My Blood. I am your strength and I AM your God!

Before I come, I am going to restore the land.

I am sending my people there to help you. To encourage and lift you up, to give you hope, that I AM hearing your cries! 

I see the suffering, the hungry, the disease, the droughts, wars, and greed, corruption on every side.

I see also the people who love me!

I see so many who do not know me.

Turn to me, and I will restore this land.

Turn to me, Turn to God! Your redeemer, and I will heal your land!

With My Word have I created the Heavens.
My Words, I have designed life.
With My Words, I have called you.
My Words will be your strength in times of trouble.
MY WORDS will live forever.
My Words will bring forth a new birth to you
as well in those lives around the world who turn to me.

Time is short, I come quickly. Prepare yourself!

Watch and Pray, be my disciples, and reach your lands.

Give up your wicked ways, tear down the idols, the magical practices,the love of money, lust of life.

Surrender your life totally to God.

To My people in Africa:
Proclaim the Gospel to your lands! Go out into your villages and tell them that I AM going to restore Africa!

If the people will turn to me, and believe
in my Word, I will lift their burdens and those who are trodden down. I will heal and restore them!

I care for all the poor in the world. I will restore my people in this world.

Turn to me, and I will change things for you.

Trust Me and I will restore!

I will bring a new song to Africa,

I am raising you as warriors from your land
and sending you forth to reach those who do not know God, both throughout Africa, and around the World. 

You will be appointed by Me!  I will be with you and give you a great awakening, and anointing.

I will lead you and guide you.

I will give you visions and dreams you never
had before.

I will open your eyes to Me. You will see clearly what I  have planned for you!

Africa is going to be used mightily in these last days before I come.

I am going to transform the nations! 

Restoration will be known to all the world!

This world is blind to what my plans are.

Many are distracted to worldly ways.

They don't see you as leaders but you are!

They look at mans ways but you see Me!

You turn to me that is why I have to use a people who will hear me.

Many of you know me so well. I allowed some of you to suffer so that you
would totally depend on me. Not the world.

Soon this will pass! I will meet your needs
and raise you up above where you are now.

I want to restore you and your people.

I want souls for the Kingdom Of God.

I AM Holy and I love all my people.

I love the world and do not want any lost.

I want a Holy People! I died for you so
that you all can live. I want you to know
that restoration is in me.

Turn from the love of money, focus on
Me--your Savior, for I have all the answers
for you, and will do a mighty work in you!

I commanded my disciples not to go out
without a purse, or with anything but their
faith in me.

I blessed their work, My Word
became real in their life. Many were saved
and I moved mightily saving souls, healing
the people. So, I will do with you in a mighty way.

Come to me, Trust in Me, I will turn things around for your good.

The time is Near, even at the door!

Trust In Me.

Given to Apostle Cathryn (Hughes) Ndyabagye
May 29, 2005


Praise God! I was fasting most of the day today, and had such a closeness with God. I couldn't get enough of being close to him. I took communion, which I do each day, and
miracles happen so much! God put it in my heart to go for a walk, and spend time alone with Him this after noon.

After I sent this out in the email - the revelation... I went with my Bible, a piece of paper, my keys for the house and a pen. I went walking. I was telling God I want to find a place I can sit at, where I can read the Word, and talk to Him.

I went quite far from the house. I found a old log to sit on, just by the road, in a housing area. I sat, opened my Bible, read, & wrote down what God showed to me.

As I sat there, this SWV (VAN TRUCK), pulls up and stops by me. A woman was driving. She rolled down her window and She said, "Is that a Bible you are reading?" I said "Yes", she said, I am a Christian too, and she pulled over and got out of the truck.

I never expected this but felt God was sending her to me for a reason. As she sat beside me on this old log, and we started talking.

She told me how God has been showing her Africa. She started saying that she wanted to be a missionary in Africa. (I didn't even know her!) Little did she know that she was speaking to a missionary to Africa! :)

I was so amazed... After she finished talking,  I finally told her that I worked in the villages in Nigeria. I told her I can connect her to wonderful pastors in Africa. So maybe she could work with them in the villages.  She Was SO SURPRISED. Both of us dumbfounded were with mouths opened with this divine connection! :)

She was as surprised  as I was. She had gotten lost trying to find her friend's place. And found me reading my Bible on the side of the road. She said she felt lead of God to give to my work in Africa.

She got her checkbook out and wrote me a check for 50 dollars. I never expected this.

God is full of surprises! God had a reason for us to meet. Then as she talked, she told me she would introduce me to her friend who has a Bible study on TV. Then she said she had to go.

I felt like God sent me an angel! And what is funny is, I never ask anyone for money! That is not how I am!

I was so touched by this! truly God is a God of miracles! I just had to write and share this wonderful testimony. God works in mysterious ways!

Romans 11:33
Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unfathomable (inscrutable, unsearchable) are His judgments (His decisions)! And how untraceable (mysterious, undiscoverable) are His ways (His methods, His paths)!

I come to you my children to plead with you to renew your walk with me. You have become so lukewarm in your ways of this world. You lost your first love. Wake up and repent!   I love you and want to see you went I come Allow me to set your life on Fire for me.   Let me give you back your Zeal, so you can reach other lost people around you, for ME. Your life has been so easy and spoiled with materialism of this world and sexual sins, coveting, drinking, and doing things that are not pleasing to ME. Your eyes have turned from what is precious. You forgot about the treasures in Heaven! Let me make your ways straight. Be sold out to me totally so you can walk in My Spirit, and live how I want you to live.It saddens me to see you give you life to me, then to lose your fire and become too comfortable in the ways of this world. This world is very temporary and I am coming soon!   I want you to be busy serving me when I return. I do not want you to become dumbfounded when I arrive in the skies to face the enemy, as I land my feet on Mt. Olive.   I want you to be rejoicing at my presence. Make me proud of you! Wake up from your sleep those of you who are slipping. Let me help you have a firm foundation in my love. Unwavering, steady in Me.Those of you who once believed in my miracles, my healing, my many wonderful signs, have stopped believing and lost interest in the things of God.   It hurts me when you lose your faith in me. BELIEVE AGAIN MY CHILDREN!   I AM, GOD WHO HEALETH THEE. My stripes were not bore for you to ignore me and take me for granted. I died for You! BY MY STRIPES YOU ARE HEALED! I did not go through all the pain to be taken lightly. My children please think of how you are thinking!   Who bewitched you? My Children, Arise from you sleep!   The time is near and I will come quickly. GIVE ME YOUR ALL! Let me show you what is needed to be done before my return.   I need you to be my disciples, not sleeping but staying awake. Watch and Pray!
Live for me, drink and eat of My Word, Stay in my Spirit, and be faithful in your steps so that I can say to you "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased!" For you who are in Jesus Christ are ONE WITH HIM. I said this to my son and you are my sons and daughters also! I shall also reward you who are faithful to me when I arrive.I will make ways for you that you never seen before. If you serve me and rededicate your life to me, I will open many wonderful doors. You will do mightier things that I did when here on earth.
I love you all and do not want any to perish! Come to me!   Come to me!
Prophecy from Apostle Cathryn Hughes
( Feb 11, 2004  6:05pm)

I AM is pouring out his Supernatural Power of My Spirit upon this earth at this time.
A move you have never witnessed before!
The harvest is ripe and You--the Church, are all being called out from among the normal ways of living, and transformed into God's Divine Assignment in the Supernatural!

I will reveal to each one of you what you must do in these last minutes before my return!
I AM developing within your hearts, a strong, mighty, powerful, impacting, dynamic, mountain moving Urgency--To Go and possess the lands!

I AM moving you  right now, where you are! Out from your comfort zones--to a place you where I will shake the Earth through you!
You will see churches, pastors, evangelists, prophets, apostles, teachers, start to stand up and move, and be ignited ON FIRE for me together, joining forces and tearing down denominational walls, and becoming ONE with the rest of the body of Christ, moving together.

The body of Christ will be united into one army ALIVE!
I am the great physician! A heart doctor indeed! I care about the heart condition.

The material things of this world will not get you into the Kingdom of God!

I specialize in making sure your heart is in the right place, I am renewing your hearts!

I am giving you a divine heart transplant in the blood of Jesus.

I am your life source My heart is pumping Jesus blood through your veins to all parts of the body to activate the end-time powerful pulse of Love, in the Blood of Jesus.

A love that will move the world! 
I AM waking up the senses of the Body of Christ!

The eyes of the Church are being opened to the Spiritual realm like never before--replacing the normal site you used to see.

The ears are hearing My call-- To your new Divine Assignments!

The Nose is smelling the fragrance of My Power.

I AM the mouth of those who are now taking authority and preaching, speaking my Word.

I AM not only going to use you but  will empower you with such anointing that your messages will be more than dynamic and will exploit into revival like you have never seen before!

You will see the difference before you! You will be amazed at what I will do before you!

The tongue is tasting a the NEW WINE, and is set AFIRE!

The sense of touch: is welling up inside you to win souls for Jesus!
I  AM springing up like a well within you, and I AM renewing many of your hearts--calling you out to do a special mission and into a new level--activating your faith and giving you supernatural strength!
From the time I created this earth, man has always used their eyes to get them self into trouble by seeing the tree in the garden, and eating of forbidden fruit, fearing the giant's size when I sent them to stand against them, fearing the waves as I sent them across when I parted them for the Israelites to pass to escape from Pharaoh, people have worshiped so many idols with their eyes and hearts.

I come to take all this 'eye vision' away and replace it with a spiritual sight!I

Watch your heart condition. I am not interested in what you see with the eye.

I am interested in what and who you are in your heart, and the condition of your heart.

The eyes are the window to a man's soul. So use them wisely.
When you get a sickness, you see symptoms of that sickness on the outside of the body, but the cure comes within the body. 

I come to heal you from within so you can be affective to others on the outside and shine for Me. 

I have to heal your hearts in order for you to be cleansed on the outside.

Man may look on the outward appearance but I look on the heart.

I allow you to see your impurities so that you can come to me, and rid them from your life.

I want to cleanse the church. I want my body to be cleansed before I return, without spot or wrinkle!
I want the church to put away the focus of the outward things of this world and to grasp My inward power!

I AM raising up a people who will worship Me, Go out and Minister to the world, Plow the ground and plant the seeds!

I will transform you from the natural ways of seeing life, to a supernatural vision level that I am taking you--into in these last moments before I return to get meet you.

To a church who has a real love for me, those who show compassion to the lost, and dying, people who will be true in heart to me.

Not focused on this world but focused on me!
I AM waking up the sleeping church and setting them on their feet and sending them out.

I AM moving in the depth of the churches hearts at this time.

To activate them--taking them out of Lukewarmness, into the 'ON FIRE realm'.

Get with the flow of my Spirit! Let Me reign inside your hearts! 

Let Me give you an newness in my Holy Ghost!
The world sees from their eyes and try to design this world by impressing the eyes with things such as material good, big houses, the desires of the flesh, movies, television, media, the clothes that they wear, they think that the outward appearance makes a person.

But, it's the inside that what makes you who you are!

I designed you to see the spiritual.

Your beauty of Me inside you starts with your heart and radiates out.

My love is The body of Christ is reflecting out to others.

It's not about what we see with the natural eyes, but what we see in the Spiritual Eyes.

The world can see if you are really Real in Me or Not!

Seeing in the natural is backwards and is not seeing me.

I need 'YOU THE CHURCH' to go and share me with the world so I can open their eyes!
From this day--You will never be the same again!

Something is going to ignite within your heart!

And you will know that I AM God!

I am going to Wake you up!

I AM making your hands to become busy for me.

I AM bringing you new focus--and your dreams will come to pass!

I am bringing a change that you have never seen before, a move in my spirit that will sweep the Nations! 

Your prayers will be answered!

You will start seeing many miracles before you.

I favor my Church! Stop doubting me and believe! Know that I care about you and hear you!

Start believing and allow me to change your heart condition. I will change your thinking and you will start to lay down the material things of this world, leave them behind, and focus on heart matters.

Go! My Church and Follow My Lead! Seek my face!

Follow what I put before you and possess the Land.

For I come quickly!
Prophecy given on August 12, 2005
Apostle Cathryn (Hughes
) Ndyabagye

Changes on earth revealed:
Apostle Cathryn Hughes Ndyabagye   June 2007

God has revealed many changes that are coming on earth such as pole shifts, North pole will turn to where the south pole is.

God showed me the scripture back this up
Isaiah 24:1 Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.
And I saw 5 asteroids coming towards Earth in the 80s..
I also saw why the whales beach themselves. It was shown that they do this because they hear and feel the tremors under the ground before earthquakes are felt by humans. It scares them so they move towards land. If you notice each time they beach themselves in a group, we have an earthquake about 3 days later.
There will be several volcano's going to happen in sequence up the West part of the USA starting with Mexico going upward including Monmouth lakes region and Mt. Hood in Oregon.
There will be a Tsunami and earthquake in the West Coast. There will be many various big earthquakes on the West Coast of the USA from Alaska to Mexico.
In the Midwest there will be a great earthquake around Missouri area.
USA will go through a real change in leadership and the way the country is ran, and how it is ruled. It will be so extreme.

Once God is removed totally from the money (which is currently
happening) and the constitution you will see drastic changes in our society.

The USA will go into a new realm of life and the country will never be the same again. I see martial law in the
USA future.
I see a great earthquake going to hit East Africa.
Many new diseases are going to hit many countries including the USA. Diseases we never heard of.
I see Civil war in the USA as well as in Nigeria.

An Invasion from foreigners to East Africa. PLEASE PRAY 

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Prophetic Message from Apostle Cathryn Hughes Ndyabagye:
June 2007

To My shepherds:

Your work has not been in vain.  I see and hear your cries.
Because you have stood faithful and trusted me, I will answer your prayers!
I will pour out my blessings on and bring forth changes. I want you to be more dedicated to me, lean on me more than ever before, and I will prove my love and answers to you!
My grace is sufficient for you!  I will take care of you!
Don’t wander to and fro seeking help from men, Seek from me!
Drink of my fountain! It will never run dry!
I am coming soon! So make sure ‘you the bride’, are watching and praying,
Ready to meet me face to face!  Purify your life, strengthen your faith in me!
Fear not, for I am with you until the ends of the earth!
Let my Holy Spirit’s Fire consume you! Let the comforter guide you in all you do. Do not sway to any worldly pleasure or sin. Stay true to me in Righteousness and I will bless you!
You will sit with me on the throne in heaven.
Put your helmet of Salvation on – I AM your Salvation for eternity! Strengthen your loins so you will walk right before me! Keep the breastplate of righteousness close to your heart – for it’s My Righteousness in you!  Put on the belt of truth—knowing the truth of God my Father abides in you! Take my Sword, which is My Word and allow it to come alive in you, it will protect you in power, and is the promises of God, Everlasting Word that will never die! Use my word and I will give you power in the Holy Ghost!
Feed my sheep, for they are hungry to learn, they need to grow and have a firm foundation.  Make sure you feed them so they can also share my love with others.
Time is short!
I AM at the door!
I come quickly!
Be ready and faithful and I will be with you and never leave you.
I am the Lord Your God!

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