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See Your Church Come Alive! A prayer for Pastor's Renewal

By Apostle Cathryn Ndyabagye

Romans 6:11
Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Pour on me, Holy Ghost, bring me to my knees Lord, Keep me afresh in Your presence. Help me to grow deeper in you day by day. Not in only my desires, or myself, but by Your power and Your Words.

Let me die to myself and come alive in You, Oh God.

May I be a fire in this dark world. The candle lit to shine bright in your Love God. Let me be dead in me, and alive in You, so that only You will be seen in my life. Come alive in my life. In Jesus name AMEN.

Matthew 3:11
I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance. but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire:

Keep me humble in You, keep me broken Jesus, so that I may never think too highly of myself and will always be willing to do Your will God. That my pride will not take over, only You will!

There is love in you now! There is salvation in you now! There is healing in You now! We all claim this now Jesus!

Make us so hungry for you God, that we will be willing to drop to our knees and pray at any moment. To come into your presence.

Father touch every pastor who reads this today. Renew his/her heart and give them a new perspective and vision in their calling.

May they not be like so many begging pastors today. Deliver all these pastors from a greedy spirit.

I pray that they will put their greed down at the altar at this very moment and think of why they were called to serve You in the first place.

Give them the burden for souls. Make them yearn for lost souls in these last days before you come Jesus.

May their priority change from money to praying for souls and reaching villages for Jesus.

May they see that our time is short and running out, run and hand out tracks or go door to door to win the lost for Christ.

That there is no time to worry so much about all the buildings and material things. For now--we need to reach those who do not know Jesus as their personal Saviour.

Father God, 'come alive' in the Churches today by bringing revival into the pastors hearts, and also the congregations heart.

God help each pastor see the accountability they are going to face in front of God.

May they be more responsible for the souls they are to reach, the servants heart we are supposed to have.

Convict each pastor and person who is only into ministry for money. And those who continue to run to man for funds instead of trusting 'You' to open the doors.

Please give them a new revelation of your truth and word about this.

Father do pastors today really get a glimpse of how many stopped going to Church and how Jesus will hold us accountable if we cause people to not want to go to Church because of the way we run our churches?

God forbid that we be a stumbling block to the sheep. Wake us God! Shake us God and show us where we can correct our ways. AMEN

God I know it's been hurting You so much to see good shepherds turning to bad shepherds. Many will not even go when You come.

Help me to reach them, to guide and to aim pastors back to the ways of God.

I don't believe in control, Only Your control God. I can only encourage people in the love of the Lord.

As I die to self, and come alive in Christ more. I want to share with others what God is doing and how he can transform.

I am aiming to go toward in the purity of Christ, to go and possess the land in the Love of the Lord with the Gospel of Christ.

To lead people out of Idol worship, out of JUJU Black Magic to Jesus Christ, (which some pastors still practice magic and still preach at the pulpits).

Oh God, help us all to be ready when Jesus comes. Save the lost, and save these pastors who really never got to know God in a deep way in the Spirit.

Some gone full-force
into raising funds to better their building, yet neglected grow inwardly in You Jesus.

Where are the shepherds over the sheep? Many have left the congregations to just travel for a name.

Many have left the sheep scattered and left their Churches. Why are they not feeding their sheep?

All along, they want to build a material building and forgot that 'YOU' are the one to supply their needs.

That You made them the temple of the Holy Ghost!--and they forgot. Their temple needs to be fed too.

God wants to help us take away the spots and wrinkles.

He wants to try us by fire and refine us, restore and heal us.

Prepare our ways and go forth and reach the villagers, reach our neighbors who live in the house next to us.

To care about them so much that we can put the pride walls down and pray with them. Truly loving our neighbor as ourselves. With genuine love.

God wants to restore hurt hearts, bad feelings, bad marriages, and replace them with forgiveness, and positive agape love in the family of God.

I think of this scripture and it never hit me until now the meaning behind why Jesus said this:

Mark 9:45
And if thy foot offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter halt into life, than having two feet to be cast into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched:


Actually this was the most loving jester Jesus could have said.

He cared enough to give insight to those who were not living right by God. He let them know you have to be genuine through and through. Pure in God.

God wants us to lop off all that is sinful or weakness in our flesh. And to be made strong in God.

To come alive in Him. To walk in the Spirit instead of the flesh. To rid ourselves of all that is hindering our walk with God.

Throw it away and walk in the newness of God. Get closer to Him and come alive!

When God showed me the vision I had in 2003,  God was turning things around for Africa. Then I actually got to share this same vision in Africa to the people themselves.

They came alive in their spirit to know that God cared about them so much.

God also showed me that He was going to heal and restore Africa, as a continent, and make them strong in Him. More than today.

This means cleansing has to come and then healing. Then when the people turn from their wicked ways,
God will heal them and deliver them.

Just as God has to heal the people in this world, and the USA. Deliver them from their many sins and of

For all will fall if they don't have Jesus..We all need Jesus so much right now. To stay focused in these end times.

When pastors come alive, they can see their churches come Alive too!

May Your rivers of living waters flow throughout the lands!

May Your word heal and deliver the sinners and may you restore them to new in the Spirit of God.

Fill new converts with your Holy Ghost and teach them your word God.

We plead the blood of Jesus over our lives, our families, our cities, every island, every village,town, state, and every country.

May your blood flow into the hearts of men and women who are lost and need You God.

Lord, break every bondage, every bad spirit, and loose all people God, our neighbors, relatives, bosses, rebels, those who hate, those who plot scams, those in paganism, juju, and idol worship. Deliver them, heal them and restore their thinking into Godly thinking.

And take away anything that hinders me, that hinders my brothers and sisters in Christ--anything that would get in the way of You, and keep them
from ministering to others and reaching the lost.

Loose all that blocks the get in our way. Move the mountains, heal all manner of disease, and restore your people. Open the pathways before us all.

Prepare my heart Lord, that I will hear, and obey Your will, and that I will be obedient to really hear you. That I will really listen to You Father.

Help me to humble myself to you in prayer more, humble myself to my brothers and sisters in Christ, take the pride away and stubbornness.

Make me thirsty for more of you, I am thirsty for all of you! I want to thirst after righteousness and your word God.

You know, I never dreamed I would be like I am today. Thank you for saving me, and delivering my life from sin.

God, Thank you for putting me in a leadership position (like I never dreamed I would be in).

I never dreamed I would be ministering to so many and , counseling, advising pastors, couples, teens, and women, as You have assigned me to do today.

Lord, I know you always gave me leadership and teaching abilities and never dreamed of the capacity that You would bring me, until these last days.

I am nothing God without you. You lead and guide me in all my ways. I am honored to serve You God.

God, You allowed me to go through very extreme hard testings and know all I have had to face.

You never failed me, or put me down, passed judgement on me, and you forgave me when I messed up. I thank you God for accepting me just as I am.

Thank you for helping me pass the test because of Your strength and power. God I know that when I are serious with You--I will be tested and tried.

Those who always live in the comfort zone, never grow in God like He wants them to.

God wants them to have hope and to excel in His Spirit. To have a deeper walk in Him.

Some Christians have become so lukewarm--busy with this world, popularity, entertainment, money, and greed. Save them before it's too late!

God keep me from every being this way, and help me never to be into this world and have wrong intentions. 

Help me not to lean on man to meet my needs. I never have and never will. You are the one who brings support and help my way. You bring them to me. AMEN

God all these pastors who always are hunting for support are going by the way side. They are not following your Word. This blocks Your promises from them, and they can't really grow in you Spiritually like they should.

These testings make us so strong, preparing us for what is coming. We need our anchor ourselves more in Jesus, especially today in these trying times.

We are warriors against the devil. Taking a stand again't all evil forces.

Not as a judge--but as discerning the spirit conquerors.

I am called to follow every prophetic dream and vision God calls me to see and experience. God brings them to pass.

I want to encourage those who are down, lift up to downhearted, heal the sick and raise the dead.

God you want to save, deliver, heal and restore all the lands.

God you have sent us all into ministry with a divine calling--divine assignment.

I am reaching out to all pastors who are begging people for money, those who are getting off-track with the word of God. To help them get back on-track again with you Lord!



Many have went off the rails of their train so to speak. Have went into a different direction with ministry than you wanted them to Jesus.

They live in their own ways, are caught up in their own plans, and are not following you.

They shout hallelujah and know scripture but do not live your word. Even the devil knows the word and tempted Jesus too.

God they are lacking in their prayers, lacking in their needs. And not getting answers.

You are not responding because they are going about it all the wrong way.

I know you love them so much and you are so patient to wait for them to get right now with You.
So that when you come they will go to heaven with you.

God show them what a real servant is, and what you want them to do.

Reveal yourself to them. Show your presence to them.

Help them get right with You and to learn to lean on 'You' God.

You said they will be dumbfounded when you return.

Help me to reach them, to guide and to aim pastors back to the ways of God.

I don't believe in control, Only Your control God. I can only encourage people in the love of the Lord.

As I die to self, and submit to you more, come alive in Christ more, I want to share with others what God is doing and how he can transform AMEN

I have to change first before I can reach others. Thank YOU God!

I ask all of these things in Jesus mighty name AMEN
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