Taking Authority Over The Giants In Our Lives!

By Apostle Cathryn Hughes

I Samuel 16 - 17 chapters
The giants in the Old Testament were from 10 to 12 feet tall and often times they had 6 to 7 fingers and toes on their hands and feet.

They originated from fallen angels mixing with humans. They were extra big in size. They became very populated and God was angry.

This was the devil's plan to try to mess up creation, so he could try to mess up the tribes of Israel before Jesus was born. But that didn't work...

Here is a list of the Tribes of Giants mentioned in the Bible:
Amalekites, Amorites, Anakims, Ashdothites Aviums, Avites, Canaanites, Caphtorims, Ekronites, Emins, Eshkalonites Gazathites, Geshurites, Gibeonites, Giblites, Girgashites, Gittites Hittites, Hivites, Horims,Horites, Jebusites, Kadmonites, Kenites Kenizzites, Maachathites, Manassites, Nephilim, Perizzites, Philistines, Rephaims, Sidonians, Zamzummins, Zebusites, and Zuzims.

God sent Joshua and many others to destroy many of the giant tribes to stop this sin, and many were killed off, to protect the Israelites from contamination of creation.

Not only did the devil try to mess up creation, when Adam and Eve were here, by tempting them to eat from the tree of knowledge--as God forbad them, the devil also tried to mess up creation by intermixing his fallen angels with women.

Women who got involved with fallen angels, produced the giant! The devil's full intention in this was to mess up the blood-line to Jesus.

But you know, no matter what devil tried to do, he never succeeded! He was a loser when he was thrown out of heaven.

He didn't spoil Jesus from coming, and he never messed up Jesus tribe! AMEN

Goliath was a giant who was 10 feet tall. He was the champion of the Philistines. with a coat of armor
weighing 250 pounds, his spear alone weighed 25 pounds.

I want to walk you through the story of David and Goliath in a way,  you may have not heard of before. I want to show you the comparisons of how David was so much like Jesus, and how we can overcome the giants--just like Jesus, and wants us to also :)

Jesus helps us overcome the giants in our lives today.

David, son of Jesse, was a man closest to God's own heart. Born a Bethlehemite (Jesus born in Bethlehem). and a he was a skillful, valiant warrior for God. He was prudent in his speech, eloquent and the Lord was with him. He was also a shepherd over his father's sheep (like Jesus).

God spoke to Samuel to go seek one of Jesse's son and to anoint him. David was the one chosen by God. He was only a teen (only 12 years old) and was youngest of Jesse's sons. He was handsome, reddish in complexion and had beautiful eyes.

When Samuel anointed David with oil. The Spirit of God came upon David, and at the same time, the Spirit left King Saul and God sent a troubled spirit into Saul.
David killed a bear and lion, who attacked his sheep. He did this with his bare hands. He was very brave.

After being anointed by Samuel; David went to King Saul and became King Saul's servant (he had a servants heart like Jesus).
Whenever the troubled spirit came upon Saul, David would play his lyre and calmed Saul and the spirits would leave him, as David played the lyre.

One day Saul, and the Israelite army was gathered in the valley of Elah & they all armed themselves for battle against the Philistines. They stood on a mountain and the Philistines stood on another mountain across them, as the valley of Elah was between them.
As they stood there, Goliath the giant shouted to them saying, "Why have you come to draw up for battle? He also demanded that they send out a man from the Israelites to fight him and he made a proposal, that if a man from Israel killed him, that the Philistines would be the Israelites servants, and if Goliath killed the man, Israelites would be the Philistines servants.

So, they both agreed on this arrangement. The Israelites were scared by Goliath's proposal, and didn't know what to do.

David, and his three elder brothers went with King Saul to this battle zone. David being the shepherd, had to leave periodically to go feed and care for his father's sheep, then come back to line up for battle.

Each time, the armies were getting up to face each other every morning, and evening. This went on for 40 days.

While in Bethlehem, with his father Jesse, (Jesse--was at a very old age). His father instructed David to take the ephod (A vest coat worn by high priests), and 10 loathes and cheese to the commander. To take all these things, to see if his brothers were OK, and to bring a token back from them.

For Saul and David brothers were fighting the Philistines in the valley of Elah. David brought back a big token. And a big victory too!

David got up early the next morning and left the sheep with a keeper (shepherds always assign someone to watch over the sheep and be a mentor). He took the provisions with him and went as his father instructed.

When he approached the camp, he did it as a host going forth to the battleground shouting a battle cry. Both armies were in array to fight.

David left his package in the care of a baggage keeper, and went into the army ranks and greeted his brothers.
As they were talking, Goliath came speaking the same words as before. The Israelites ran away, yet David stood 'Head-On' with Goliath.

Saul told David that he was not able to go up against Goliath. For David was ready to be the representative of the Israelites.

They were shocked to see a small teenager come out to fight the giant. David even heard the people mocking him and accuse him of defying Israel.

Then, David's curiosity was stirred. He asked them, "What would happen to the man who kills the giant?" They told him the agreement that was made.

David's elder brother, Eliab heard them talking, and got angry at David and asked him why he came there. He questioned him for leaving the sheep,and was embarrassed to see his young teen brother wanting to challenge this giant, or even thinking of it. He accused David of having a presumption and an evil heart for coming down to the battle zone.

David said, "What have I done now? Wasn't it just a harmless question?" The Israelites and his brother were not happy with what he was doing, and word got to King Saul about David.

Then, Saul sent for David to talk to him. David told Saul, "Let not man's heart fail because of the Philistine. Your servant will go out and fight him. (Jesus said, let not your heart be troubled--Jesus faced the enemy and sacrificed himself too).

David also shared with Saul how he kept his father;s sheep, and how he killed a lion and bear when they tried to take a sheep from the flock.

He said. "I went after it and smote it". and it said that the Philistine was like one of them. Another words, he wanted to kill him because he was going up against God's people (Just like Jesus calls us His sheep).



David also told Saul, "The Lord who delivered me out of the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will also deliver me from the hand of the Philistine.

Saul then told him to, "Go & the Lord be with you!"

Funny, Saul started clothing David with armor and David didn't like it, it was uncomfortable to him. So, he took the armor off and grabbed his staff, 5 stones, and a sling, and went towards Goliath.

Can you imagine a 10ft. man looking down at a small teen? Goliath scorned and despised David!

Goliath said, "I am a dog and you should come to me with sticks?"

He cursed David by his own gods, and told David to come to him, and he would give his flesh to the birds. (Now doesn't this sound like the devil?)

David wore a spiritual armor (put on the whole armor of God) and David replied to Goliath, "You come to me with a sword, a spear,and a javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of Hosts the God of ranks of Israel, whom you defiled." (We go up against Satan in the name of Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!)

David also said, "This day the Lord will deliver you into my hands and I will smite you and cut off your head and give your body to the birds and you will know there is a God of Israel!" (when we step on Satan's Head with our heal and rebuke him, pleading the blood of Jesus and taking authority over the devil--we confess it and take authority over the enemy this same way!)

David grabbed a stone out of his bag, put it in the sling and aimed it at Goliath's head, and as the stone hit his forehead Goliath fell on his face to the ground.

Then David took Goliath's sword and killed him and cut his head off . This blew the Philistines minds, and they ran away in fear.

He even took Goliath's armor into his tent and presented his head to King Saul.

When King Saul saw young David before him, with that head in his hand, he was so amazed and said to David, "Whose son are you young man?" and David answered, "I AM the son of your servant Jesse of Bethlehem."

After this happened David was made King over Israel.

*When we face giants in our life, and take authority over them,God sends us with His anointing, as we stand up in the devils face.

*We have full authority over the giants in our life!

*We don't have to fear and God will give us victory in our battles!

*We are high priests for God, warriors in Christ and more than conquerors!

*We may feel small compared to the giants but God gives us spiritual weapons of warfare to defeat him!

*We can defeat any Goliath that comes up against us!

Like David, Jesus was a shepherd and gave his life for us. He is King of all the Universe and conquered death and hell.

He counts on us to carry on the battle, until He returns for us.

We are victors, and we will keep on taking authority over the Giants in our lives.

The devil is a loser. We are winners in Jesus name!

Jesus took authority over the devil when he died on the Cross.

Then Jesus gave us the power to carry on until he returns.

His power to take authority over the giants of sin and evil, Knowing we have already won in Jesus name!

Taking Authority Over The Giants In Our Lives!

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