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The Equator



By Apostle Cathryn Ndyabagye

Dream was around 1997

I dreamed I was taken in Spirit to a platform on the Pacific Ocean and a man in a welding outfit stood before me. He was telling me that I was at the Equator. He was pointing at this spew of 'green goo' that was coming up from the earth.It was like an opened space. It was a volcanic type opening that I was looking at. As the man talked to me, he explained that the water was warming from this heat from underneath the earth.

After he finished talking to me; I was in another place, in the ocean swimming with thousands of people. There were so many of us, we were like ants. Tons of people all of us together in the ocean. I had told my family my dream experience and we all wondered what it all meant.

A couple of weeks to a month later, I went out to get the paper to read the headlines. When my eyes saw the headlines say EQUATOR, I ran into the house to tell my family about it. There it explain the same things the man told me as I stood on the platform.


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